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ISIN 2019 Abstract Awards

The ISIN 2019 jury has selected the following awardees for the ISIN 2019 awards:

Best Oral Presentation: EUR 800,-and first author free registration for the ISIN Chicago Congress 2021.
Evaluation of use of multimodal intraoperative monitoring during supratentorial aneurysm surgery. A comparative study
J. Miró, P. López-Ojeda, J. Pedro, A. Marnov, L. Contreras, L. Pariente, A. de Vilalta, A. Gabarros, I. Fernández-Conejero.
University Hospital of Bellvitge. Barcelona. Spain

Honorable Mention for Oral Presentation: EUR 600,-and first author free registration for ISIN Chicago Congress 2021.
Direct evidence in humans of short-latency modulation of corticospinal output by the posterior parietal cortex: an intraoperative neurophysiological study.
D. Giampiccolo, F. Sala, F. Meneghelli, V. Tramontano, F. Basaldella, S. Troiano, L. Cattaneo.
University of Verona. Verona. Italy.

Best Poster Presentation: EUR 400,-and first author free registration for the ISIN Kyoto 2020.
Intraoperative neuromonitoring and mapping of sciatic during endoscopic treatment of deep gluteal syndrome.
A. León, Y. Lin, A. Delgado Pugley, M.Tey Pons.
Hospital del Mar. Barcelona, Spain.

Honorable Mention for Poster Presentation: EUR 200,-and first autor free registration for ISIN Kyoto 2020.
Transcranial Electrical Stimulation-Motor Evoked Potentials (TES-MEP) in supra-tentorial tumor surgery: retrospective analysis on reliability and technical considerations.
V. Callipo, M. Rossi, M. Conti Nibali, T. Sciortino, L. Gay, M. Riva, L. Bello.
Humanitas Research Hospital, Rozzano, MI, Italy.

We congratulate the winners.

The ISIN Executive Board