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Scientific Congress Program

Download here the ISIN 2019 Congress Program
TimeSession and titlesSpeakers and Moderators
08:00–08:30Opening CeremonyKlaus Novak
Francisco Soto
Sedat Ulkatan
08:30–08:40Introduction to the Stecker / Amassian memorial lectureFrancisco Soto
08:40–09:30Stecker / Amassian memorial lecture
An historical journey to intraoperative monitoring
Marc Nuwer
Session 1Francesco Sala
Jeff Arle
09:30–09:45ISIN recommendations for intraoperative SEPsDavid MacDonald
09:45–10:00The need for IONM efficacy evidenceStanley Skinner
10:00–10:15Developing IONM efficacy evidenceRobert Holdefer
10:15-10:30Session Q&A
10:30–11:00Coffee break
Session 2Vedran Deletis
Kathleen Seidel
11:00–11:15Update on optimal anesthesia for IONMMichael Malcharek
11:15–11:30Intraoperative motor evoked potential developmentsDavid MacDonald
11:30–11:40Session Q&A
11:40–13:00Free scientific papers
13:00–14:00Lunch / Lunch Symposium (industry sponsored)
Session 3David MacDonald
Andrea Szelényi
14:00–14:15Spinal cord mapping advancesVedran Deletis
14:15–14:30Advances in monitoring spinal neurosurgeryFrancesco Sala
14:30–14:45Tethered cord surgery monitoring developmentsAatif Husain
14:45-15:00Session Q&A
15:00–16:00Free scientific papers
16:00–16:30Coffee break
Session 4Gea Drost
Isabel Fernandez-Conejero
16:30–16:45Orthopedic spine surgery monitoring developmentsMartín Segura
16:45–17:00Advances in monitoring descending aortic proceduresMirela Simon
17:00–17:15Advances in monitoring spinal endovascular proceduresSedat Ulkatan
17:15-17:30Session Q&A
17:30–18:30Poster session
Provisional program subject to change
TimeSessionSpeakers and Moderators
09:00–09:10Introduction to the Fred Epstein memorial lectureFrancesco Sala
09:10–10:00Fred Epstein memorial lectureKarl Kothbauer
Session 5Francisco Soto
Elif Aydinlar
10:00–10:15Carotid endarterectomy monitoring advancesMichael Malcharek
10:15–10:30Intracranial aneurysm surgery monitoring advancesAndrea Szelényi
10:30–10:45Tractography in neurosurgery Gregor Kasprian
10:45-11:00Session Q&A
11:00–11:30Coffee break
Session 6Karl Kothbauer
Klaus Novak
11:30–11:45Cortical mapping and monitoring advancesAndrea Szelényi
11:45–12:00Subcortical mapping advancesKathleen Seidel
12:00–12:15The value of IONM in supratentorial surgeryThomas Czech
12:15-12:30Session Q&A
12:30–13:30Free scientific papers
Session 7Javier Urriza
Sedat Ulkatan
14:30–14:45Posterior fossa surgery monitoring advancesIsabel Fernandez-Conejero
14:45–15:00Advances in monitoring brainstem reflexesMaria Tellez
15:00–15:15Cranial nerve EMG monitoring developmentsJulian Prell
15:15-15:30Session Q&A
15:30–16:30Free scientific papers
16:30–17:00Coffee break
Session 8David MacDonald
Jay Shils
17:00–17:20Publishing in Clinical NeurophysiolologyUlf Ziemann
17:20-17:35Presidential AddressFrancisco Soto
17:35–17:45ISIN 2021 bid presentations
17:45–18:45Membership Assembly
20:00Networking Event
Provisional program subject to change
TimeSession and titlesSpeakers and Moderators
09:00–09:45Special neuroscience lecture TBA
Session 9Jeff Arle
Vedran Deletis
09:45–10:00Overview of neurophysiology in functional neurosurgeryKlaus Novak
10:00–10:20History of deep brain stimulationMarwan Hariz
10:20-10:30Session Q&A
10:30–11:00Coffee break
Session 10Klaus Novak
Lanjun Guo
11:00–11:15Microelectrode recording developmentsJay Shils
11:15–11:30Advances in deep brain stimulation surgeryJeff Arle
11:30–11:45Deep brain stimulation in vegetative states Vedran Deletis
11:45-12:00Session Q&A
12:00–13:00Free scientific papers
13:00–13:10Best paper award
13:10–13:30Closing remarksKlaus Novak
Francisco Soto
Isabel Fernandez-Conejero
Provisional program subject to change