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Educational Course Program

Download Here the ISIN 2019 Educational Course Program

TimeSession and titles    
12:30–12:45Welcome and introduction
Introductory Course (Part I)
12:45–13:10Basic principles of intraoperative neurophysiology
13:10–13:40Safety and troubleshooting in the OR
13:40–14:05Anesthesia for neuromonitoring
14:10–14:30Coffee Break with Exhibitors
Introductory Course (Part II)
15:25–15:55SEP & BAER
15:55–16:20Reflexology in the brainstem
16:30–17:00Coffee Break with Exhibitors
17:00–17:30CoMEP & EMG
17:30–17:55Mapping techniques (I): Brain & Spinal cord
17:55–18:20Mapping techniques (II): Brainstem
18:30–19:15Magistral Lecture
19:15Welcome Reception
Provisional program subject to change

TimeSession and titles
Session I: Surgery
08:00–08:30Neuroanatomy of the brainstem
08:30–09:00Surgery of skull base lesions
09:00–09:30Surgery of brainstem lesions
09:30–10:00Surgery for vestibular schwannoma and other CPA lesions
10:00–10:20Microvascular decompression of cranial nerves
10:30–11:00Coffee Break with Exhibitors
Session II: Neuromonitoring (Part I)
11:00–11:30MEP monitoring in infratentorial lesions
11:30–11:50Monitoring and mapping of the ocular motor nerves
11:50–12:20Monitoring and mapping of the trigeminal and facial nerves
12:30–13:30Lunch Break with Exhibitors
Session III: Neuromonitoring (Part II)
13:30–13:55Monitoring of the auditory pathways
13:55–14:25Monitoring and mapping of the lower cranial nerves (CN IX-XII)
14:25–14:45Coffee Break with Exhibitors
Discussion Groups
14:45–15:30DG - Rotation 1
15:30–16:15DG - Rotation 2
16:15–16:45Coffee Break with Exhibitors
16:45–17:30DG - Rotation 3
17:30–18:15DG - Rotation 4
Provisional program subject to change

TimeSession and titles
Session IV: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
08:30–09:00Functional anatomy of the basal ganglia
09:00–09:30Functional surgery for movement disorders
09:30–10:00Neuromonitoring of DBS
10:15–10:45Coffee Break with Exhibitors
Session V: Peripheral nerve
10:45–11:10Surgery of obstetric brachial plexus injury
11:10–11:30Neuromonitoring of brachial plexus surgery
11:30–11:55Surgical techniques in other periperal nerve injuries
11:55–12:15Neuromonitoring of peripheral nerve surgeries
12:30–13:30Lunch Break with Exhibitors
Discussion Groups
13:30–14:15DG - Rotation 1
14:15–15:00DG - Rotation 2
15:00–15:30Coffee Break with Exhibitors
15:30–16:15DG - Rotation 3
16:15–17:00DG - Rotation 4
17:00–17:15Presentation of Educational Course 2020
17:15–19:30ISIN Travel Fellowship Award Ceremony
Provisional program subject to change