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Free Scientific Papers

The free scientific papers presentations have been selected from abstract submitted to ISIN 2019.

Session 2
TimeTitle PresenterCountry
11:40-11:50Postoperative navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation to predict recovery of motor deficits after surgery of tumors located in motor eloquent areasKathleen SeidelSwitzerland
11:50-12:00Intraoperative monitoring of vision inspired by that of motor systemColette BoexSwitzerland
12:00-12:10The effect of Dexmeditomidine on Transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and Direct Cortical Stimulation (DCS) Motor evoked potentials (MEPs) predictability to postoperative motor outcome in patients with brain tumor removal surgeryParthiban VelayuthamIndia
12:10-12:20Give and not take: systematic cortical and CUSA-based subcortical mapping in supratentorial surgeryAkiva KornIsrael
12:30-12:40Permanent motor deficits occur following surgery in negative motor areas (NMAs) despite preservation of MEPsDavide GiampiccoloItaly
12:40-12:50Evaluation of use of multimodal intraoperative monitoring during supratentorial aneurysm surgery. A comparative studyJúlia MiróSpain
12:50-13:00Comparison of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring with preoperative balloon test occlusion for internal carotid artery occlusionYasushi MotoyamaJapan
Session 3
15:30-15:40Value of reflex H in the intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring of thoracoabdominal aneurysmsRaidili Mateo-MonteroSpain
15:40-15:50Dynamic cusa-based spinal cord mapping in intramedullary spinal cord tumor surgery: a matter of interpretationAkiva KornIsrael
15:50-16:00The predictive value of D-wave, hand-muscle MEPs and SSEPs for the distal upper limbs’ fine motor outcome after cervical intramedullary spinal cord tumor surgeryAndrea SzélenyiGermany
16:00-16:10Risk-factors for neurophysiological events due to traction in scoliosis surgeryHanneke BerendsThe Netherlands
16:10-16:20Fast charge versus slow charge in TES-MEP monitoring in scoliosis surgery. A retrospective studySebastiaan DulferThe Netherlands
16:20-16:30Evaluation of anesthetic fade phenomenon on myogenic motor evoked potential in prolonged spine surgeryHironobu HayashiJapan
Session 6
12:30-12:40High-density ECoG improves the detection of high frequency oscillations that predict seizure outcome.Johannes SarntheinSwitzerland
12:40-12:50Resection of an epileptogenic lesion in the Broca area with the aid of two novel neurophysiological techniques for evaluation of language function under general anesthesia in a 5 years old child.Cristiano ParisiItaly
12:50-13:00Direct evidence in humans of short-latency modulation of corticospinal output by the posterior parietal cortex: an intraoperative neurophysiological studyDavide GiampiccoloItaly
13:00-13:10Late breaking abstract
13:10-13:16ISIN travel grantDr. Herasymenko         
13:16-13:22ISIN travel grantDr. Alvarez Abut          
13:22-13:28ISIN travel grantDr. Taskiran                 
Session 7
TimeTitle PresenterCountry
16:00-16:10Continuousmonitoring with brainstem reflexes during posterior fossa surgeryAna Mirallave PescadorUnited Kingdom
16:10-16:20Application of blink synkinesis monitoring during microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasmHsu Po-ChengTaiwan
16:20-16:30Effects of dexmedetomidine on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during supratentorial and brainstem surgeryYiyangº Lin-MiaoSpain
16:30-16:40Facial nerve monitoring - a combination of EMG and MEP improves resultsJulian PrellGermany
16:40-16:50The preliminary results of the WIN study: WISE cortical strip (WCS) for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoringAndrea SzélenyiGermany
16:50-17:00Comparing direct nerve stimulation and corticobulbar MEPs in their diagnostic power to predict facial nerve palsy in vestibular schwannoma surgeryTobias GreveGermany
Session 9
TimeTitle PresenterCountry
12:00-12:10Utility of ultrasound imaging in the placement of intraorbital needle electrodes for external ocular motor nerves monitoringMilko MilevBulgaria
12:10-12:20New method to record intraoperative motor evoked potentials of the corticobulbar tract in extraocular musclesAlejandra Climent PerinSpain
12:20-12:30Successful intraoperative passive mapping of Broca’s area during glioma resection.Mikhail SinkinRussia
12:30-12:40Invasive exploration of olfaction in humanNadia BérardSwitzerland
12:40-12:50Intraoperative monitoring of visual evoked potential (VEP) in neurosurgeryTatsuya SasakiJapan
12:50-13:00Late breaking abstract